Charitable Association for the Care of Muslim Children

We are a Beirut-based charity which aims to care for all Muslim children in Lebanon by providing them with a holistic quality care.

Caring for Children since 1974

Students Graduated

$ Funds Raised (2021-2023)

Food HAMPERS Distributed

What We Do

Currently, we own and operate four schools that serve underpriviliged children in our communities.
Our schools not only provide education but also offer holistic services, including health programs and nutritional support.

Our Mission

To support the sustainability of Muslim communities in Lebanon and their progress by investing in future generations.


4 schools in Beirut, educating 1200 students annually.

$55,200 Donated in 2023

Charity Projects

Various charity projects, including distributing Iftars meals in Ramadan, food hampers, and clothing distribution.

$35,300 Donated in 2023

Health Initiatives

Run and operate health clinics and distributing medicine to those in need.

$45,400 Donated in 2023

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