Our Schools

We believe that educating youth through school construction is a valuable investment in our community’s future.

Special Care

We prioritize education, hygiene, and emotional support for every child.

Character Building

We aim to develop strong character traits in our students to help them navigate life’s challenges.


Healthy nutrition is crucial for our students’ well-being.

Islamic Morals

We instill Islamic morals and values in our students, emphasizing truthfulness, compassion, and respect.

Modern Internation School

Classes: Kindergarten, primary, secondary, High School

Student Capacity: 400

Staff size: 30

Beirut High School II – Ras El Nabeh

Date Established: 4/4/2000

Classes: High School

Student Capacity: 220

Staff size: 26

Beirut II School – Tariq Al Jadida

Date Established: 24/4/2018

Classes: Kindergarten, primary, secondary, High School

Student Capacity: 250

Staff size: 17

Rawdat Al Oloum School

Date Established: 1929

Classes: Kindergarten

Student Capacity: 220

Staff size: 23

We AreĀ Currently Fundraising for new projects in Beirut, Tripoli and Sidon.

Join Us in our mission!

How You Can Get Involved

Call +9613810692 to Donate Or Contact UsĀ to get Involved

Volunteer Program

Make a difference in children’s lives by volunteering to provide care, read, play, and engage in activities.
* Flexible hours and training provided.

Sponsorship Program

Sponsor a child to provide essential resources and support their growth for $50/month you provide; food, education, health care and school uniform.

Partnership Program

Partner with us to offer services, donate items, or help us reach fundraising goals.