Muslim Youth Centers of Achievement and Excellence (MYCA) play a vital role in developing leadership capabilities among Youth in Beirut, Tripoli, and Sidon.



Empower and stimulate Muslim youth (ages 13-17) by unlocking their potential in communication, technology, and Islamic studies.


1- Connect with Islamic teachings and the Qur’an.

2- Develop communication skills in English/French.

3- Build technical and managerial skills for youth’s success.


1- State-of-the-art centers with technology and engaging decor.

2- Various programs in language, technology, science, management, and self-enhancement.


1- Increase awareness of communication skills.

2- Nurture innovators and entrepreneurs

3- Prepare future leaders.

Proposed Locations

MYCA Acedemy – Beirut

MYCA Acedemy – Tripoli

MYCA Acedemy – Sidon

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Exposure to different technical concepts within an Islamic morale environment

Computer Science

Explore the fundamentals of algorithms, programming languages, and computational theory, empowering students to solve complex problems, develop software, and understand the intricacies of modern technology.
Sub-programs could involve: AI, Data Science, App development, cybersecurity, game development


Delve into the immersive world of AR/VR, where students learn to create interactive, three-dimensional environments using cutting-edge technology, fostering creativity and innovation in fields ranging from gaming to simulations.

Digital Marketing

Master the strategies and tools of the digital landscape, equipping students with skills in SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and analytics. This course empowers future marketers to thrive in the dynamic online marketplace.


    Unleash creativity through robotics, teaching the principles of mechanical engineering, electronics, and programming. Students design and build robots, acquiring skills essential for fields like automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced manufacturing.

      3D Printing

      Embark on a journey into additive manufacturing, where students grasp the art of creating three-dimensional objects layer by layer. From prototyping to customized designs, this course explores the limitless possibilities of 3D printing technology.

      Graphic Design

      Unleash creativity in the visual realm, teaching the principles of design, typography, and digital illustration. Students craft compelling visuals, mastering software tools to communicate ideas effectively in various mediums, from print to digital platforms.

        Digital Photography & Videography

        In the age of social media and online content creation, digital media skills are highly sought after. Courses covering photography, video editing, and multimedia production can be attractive to creative individuals.

        Finance, Economics & Banking

        Money is what ties all economic activities together so students will learn the basics of economics, how to conduct feasibility studies and financial literacy concepts. More advanced topics on bank operations could be offered as well.

          Life Skills

          Develop essential life skills such as communication, problem-solving, time management, and emotional intelligence. This course nurtures personal growth, fostering self-confidence and resilience for success in both professional and personal spheres.

          Applied Sciences

          Conduct several experiments to apply scientific concepts in real life situations and develop hands-on experiences.
          Experiments shall include electricity generation,  CO2 and H2 preparation, making microscope observations, etc…


            Beyond technical skills, teaching students about entrepreneurship, business planning, and startup development can empower them to create their ventures.